Welcome to a place where everyone can have fun. But it won’t always be laughter, because there are elements of horror. Players will have to demonstrate their knowledge for the main character. She will become unhinged if you get it wrong too often! Sometimes you will be stressed to play, but it’s just adrenaline!

Citrus will test your knowledge!

Here participants will meet Ms.LemonS! She works in a school and you can tell by her glasses and the blackboard in the classroom. Go there to take the test! The character has prepared several tasks that involve attentiveness, logic and intelligence. Intuition won’t help anyone, so don’t even try to pick answers at random. All tasks will be related to math and sometimes other topics.

To avoid screwing up, you need to think with a clear head and preferably several times. Being wrong here is like breaking the law in the country! Never give bad solutions or you’ll piss off the hero! She will be very kind and cheerful in the game, but she’s already keeping score! Keep an eye on it and don’t let her score 10 points! If you want to check what happens at the end, then be ready for trouble!

If you still lose, the main character will give the players a little challenge. It won’t have anything to do with intelligence, but it will have just as much to do with consequences. Participants will have to play rock-paper-scissors! What will you choose and will you be able to defeat the hero? Try your luck and expect good results! It will be too hard to concentrate because the citrus will be evil.

The secret of constant victory!

If you’ve already admitted defeat several times, you don’t have to stop. You can do it as many times as you want. The ending here is one, so it’s worth seeing to be surprised. As soon as you notice an equation, formula, or anything else on the board, turn on your brain.

Think twice before you give your answer to Ms.LemonS! Players can also create their own strategy that will pave the way to perfect results! Use different artifacts to solve the puzzle and get stars. You can use them to unlock new items.

Such objects can guide you to the right decision, so pay attention to that. We hope that you will use logic often enough! It’s also important to stay focused on the process so that you don’t miss important information.

Everyone can have a cool time here and even benefit from it. Remember, it’s best not to make the main character nervous and angry! The game has a great atmosphere that will add to the motivation. Keep your hands up so you don’t show citrus that you’re weak!