Ms.LemonS Update

Welcome to another version of Ms.LemonS! This time players will be able to observe new tasks from her. Demonstrate your best qualities and discover new ones! Here you have a great opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere and have fun. But besides that, everyone will get a great experience and benefit! Don’t lose your sanity!

Complete all missions without mistakes!

This character believes that all the people of the world should be smart. If you are here then you want to prove to her that you are. She is ready to test it and disprove it. So participants need to solve all her tasks as quickly as possible.

Of course no one will push you, but eagerness must be! Be very attentive and smart to get to the end. Become the winner here will not be easy, so do not set up for good luck while playing!

Citrus looks kind and cute because he’s always smiling. But as soon as you give her the wrong answer everything will change in an instant! Her happy face will immediately become angry and even turn a little red.

On the left side of the screen is a score that shows how many times you screwed up. Once it reaches 10, that’s the end. We hope you don’t find out what this hero is hiding! The game will be a little tense at times, but that’s only for the best!

Can you handle her surge of emotion?

Until your last miss, the hero will be calm. But eventually she’ll snap, and then you’ll be in trouble! She’s prepared a decisive round that will put the finishing touches! It’s a famous challenge where you have to choose between rock, scissors or paper.

You have to do it intuitively and hope for luck. If you do, there’s no turning back and the game will end in failure! Don’t forget to enjoy this atmosphere!

Solve the puzzles, the complexity of which increases with each time! Here you will be able to measure angles of geometric shapes, add formulas, divide or multiply in columns. You can also use artifacts for simplification or hints.

You can get them by collecting stars while you play. This will be another way to get a win. Try to prove to the evil citrus that you are not a lost generation!