Ms.LemonS 2

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This is a continuation challenge about Ms.LemonS! She is very smart and wants to test how erudite you are. The hero has prepared dozens of fascinating tasks that will make your brain simmer! Immerse yourself in this atmosphere and enjoy the process! During this you will learn one of the mysteries of the citrus!

Solve puzzles in the same breath!

In this game you will learn new information about the main character. She still has a list of tasks for you to complete. Note that they are not all related to math. You can also find other quests! Stay focused and be very careful, because mistakes are forbidden. It will be very affecting to the teacher and it is better not to test her nerves!

The atmosphere here is very nice and colorful, but it won’t always be that way! In a bad case play here you will be scared and tense. But this can happen if you make the citrus nervous and angry. For this reason it is better to think clearly a few times before giving an answer! Be careful and use logic to come up with the right solution to the problem!

Is it easy to win?

Ms.LemonS is very insidious and has prepared some serious exercises! Each time they will become more difficult, so do not relax. On the left side of the screen participants will be able to see the points. But they are here to see how evil the character is. Try not to reach the number 10 or you’ll be in trouble! There will be items and artifacts to help play!

All tasks are completely different, so you can’t see the same ones and get bored. These can be equations with fractions or roots, calculations and multiplications. In addition, some of them can test players’ memory, reflexes, and more! In the game you have to be very careful not to mess up. Better not to see the creepy ending!

If you do reach the ominous number, the hero becomes a creepy. In that case, you will have to go through another challenge. Choose stone, scissors or paper and test your luck! Find out the ending here and try again! Don’t forget to be careful to complete all missions successfully! This version of the game has other surprises that will surprise everyone!