Friday Night Funkin Ms.LemonS

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Ms.LemonS is a new character who wants to test your knowledge. You should already be familiar with her and know her characteristics. She is very smart and doesn’t like it when players don’t know the answers to her questions.

If you give her the wrong choices then she gets angry. Today you will see the hero in a new challenge and be surprised!

The Music Universe is happy to see you!

Today, Friday Night Funkin participants will be able to go into the world of rep. Here Boyfriend fights with different opponents all the time. No one has ever managed to defeat him, but maybe this citrus will be the first! This plot will be too exciting but a little confusing.

Players will meet different characters they’ve seen before. Play as the guy against the famous knowledge checker! What do you think he’s capable of? The story begins with Boyfriend receiving a challenge from the enemy.

Unfortunately, he has lost all his strength due to recent events. Now he needs some time to prepare himself. Take advantage of Shaggy’s help and spend a few years training. In this room, two hours pass like two years. This way should help get the guy on stage, so get started soon! The game has a few unexpected twists that can be confusing.

Basic rules!

Players will sing several songs with different motifs, rhythms, and lyrics. Listen to these and understand what they want to convey to your brain or soul! The tracks will get harder each time, but that only motivates you to keep going.

Place your bets now if you can make it to the end! This process drags like a black hole so you can get addicted! The game will teach you to react quickly and test your other reflexes!

Be prepared for the fact that here you have to be very clever. Citrus is very serious about winning and nothing can stop her! Since she has a very well-developed intellect she can use different tricks.

Make sure that the hero does not set you up and be careful. As you play, the situation will get tense. Watch as the character gets angrier and redder! Will you be able to endure such strange feelings and emotions? Good luck with that!