Ms.LemonS 3

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You have already tried a similar game about Mr. Tomato. They have different goals, but some things are similar. The main character in this version will test how smart you are. Demonstrate your skills and abilities not to embarrass yourself! It’s best not to get her into an aggressive state or you’ll be in trouble!

Test how erudite you are!

Here players will meet Ms.LemonS, who has prepared many different tasks. Here you’ll have to solve mathematical equations, divide and multiply, work with fractions, roots and more.

Everything looks simple enough, but once you start you will change your mind. It’s important to be careful not to make a mistake. You will only have 10 tries to give the wrong answer. After the last time, the situation will change dramatically!

In the game you can use artifacts or other items that should help make a choice. At each level there will be several and you have to decide what to choose. Take it seriously, because the main character is not going to joke! Despite the fact that she smiles at you and behaves nice enough, she is a real monster! But you’ll find out about that a little later, if you fail the missions.

What happens if you make a mistake?

That’s a very good question and it’s better to know about it in advance. On the left side of the screen, participants will be able to watch the score. These numbers indicate how many times you gave the wrong answer.

Once you reach the maximum number, a new stage will begin. This will make Ms.LemonS very angry, violent and even a little unbalanced! To avoid getting a more cruel punishment from her, participants need to complete one more challenge.

Citrus will give them a chance to make amends, but in a different way. You no longer need to use logical thinking or knowledge of rules and formulas. Now you have to choose scissors, stone or paper! This task depends on luck, so just hope for it!

The game will get tense and it will make the atmosphere creepy. We hope you don’t feel it all on your own! Be very attentive to perform all tasks of varying difficulty. Have fun and have a great experience!