Ms.LemonS Game Play Online

Does everyone remember the wonderful Mr. Tomato? He had to be fed and controlled so he wouldn’t get mad. Now he has a girlfriend, but she has other oddities. Spend some time here to meet Ms.LemonS! In this challenge players can not only have fun, but also gain new skills. Immerse yourself in this atmosphere and make sure you are an erudite person!

Complete all the missions!

This game has a fascinating storyline that will appeal to absolutely everyone. Visit a place that resembles a school, because there is a board. There are simple controls that will not cause difficulties. Immerse yourself in this beautiful atmosphere and try to relax if you can. But it is unlikely, because the gameplay here is really special. Find out what the main character is and be careful with it!

You have to play as an exemplary student. The yellow character has prepared a puzzle for you on various topics. Although math will be mostly discussed here, you may find something else. Citrus has decided to see what you can do and is quite serious about it. You must not disappoint her or you will be in trouble! For every wrong answer, she will get angrier. It’s better not to check what happens at the end of game!

As soon as a task appears in front of you, you must immediately begin to use your brain. There is no time limit, but that doesn’t mean you can spend infinity in one position. Players must think twice before answering! You’ll have too much fun to play that you won’t even notice how the minutes go by. Turn on your logic to solve even the most difficult mission. Use different options to find the right one!

What do you do if you’re constantly losing?

That’s a very good question and there’s a great answer! First, you shouldn’t get frustrated because there can be many chances! Second, players must build a strategy that will lead them to victory. If you do everything wisely and be attentive, you will be able to pass all the tasks from the first time. The game is saturated with bright colors, which contributes to additional motivation. Just check it out! We won’t deny that it’s going to be a little intense for you to play!

While going through this process, players will be able to gain new knowledge. For this reason, this challenge will not only bring a smile to your face, but will also be beneficial. Ms.LemonS is very strict, but that’s what matters as long as you strive for good results. On the left side of the screen, participants may notice numbers. They indicate how many times you have messed up and bring you closer to the evil character. You can’t count on luck in the game, so give it your best effort!

Every mistake can be decisive, so be careful. But besides that, you can get stars to help improve your inventory. Unlock new tools or artifacts that will tell you how to win one of the missions! In the game you will constantly have to make choices that will be very important. Don’t screw up and face the fierce citrus! In the bad case, Ms.LemonS has prepared a most serious task for you. She is sure to break anyone’s brain and it will be your fault!